What is Miliacin?

Miliacin is a rare triterpene, a natural compound predominantly found in millet seeds and millet-based products such as millet oil. This unique component has garnered attention for its potential benefits in hair care, promoting shiny, voluminous, and smooth hair. Recent studies have indicated that miliacin may stimulate hair growth and help prevent hair growth disorders, making it an increasingly popular ingredient in natural hair care solutions.

Origin and benefits

One of the key appeals of miliacin is its purely natural origin. It does not require artificial additives to deliver its effects, making it an attractive option for those seeking organic and eco-friendly hair care products. The growing interest in natural beauty and health solutions has led to a rise in the use of miliacin in dietary supplements aimed at enhancing hair health.

Miliacin in Supplements

Dietary supplements based on millet oil, with miliacin as the primary active ingredient, are becoming more prevalent in the market. These supplements, available in both liquid form and capsules, are designed to cater to consumers looking for natural ways to improve their hair’s appearance and health. The increasing consumer trust in the natural effectiveness of miliacin has spurred numerous manufacturers to incorporate it into their product lines.

Ensuring the miliacin concentration

To meet consumer expectations and regulatory standards, it is crucial for manufacturers to ensure that their products contain the claimed amount of miliacin. This requires precise and reliable analysis of millet oil. To address this need, GALAB has developed an advanced analytical method.

Advanced analysis technology from GALAB

GALAB’s innovative method employs saponification followed by Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry Detector (GC-MSD) to accurately measure the miliacin content in millet oil. This technique offers a detection limit of 1 mg/kg in plant oils, providing manufacturers with the confidence that their products meet the declared miliacin content. This reliable analysis is essential for maintaining product integrity and consumer trust.

Parameters & Analytical Methods

  • State-of-the-Art Analysis

    We constantly update our spectrum of parameters to the latest developments in the food analysis sector and offer state-of-the-art analytical methods for the safety of your products.

  • Comprehensive multi-methods

    We are constantly expanding our range of services in order to be able to guarantee you a comprehensive range of analyses. We offer multi-methods for mycotoxins, dioxin analysis or molecular biological analysis for GMOs and allergens. The GALAB Pesticide500Plus® multi-method can even be used for difficult matrices such as spices and herbs.

  • Constant development

    If you cannot find the parameter/analysis you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our research and development department implements your requirements and specifications cost-efficiently and with a high quality standard.

  • Quality Policy

    GALAB Laboratories has implemented a quality management system to allow for optimum service for their customers. It is our goal to establish close relations to customers by customer satisfaction. Therefor quick reactions to customers’ specific needs as well as considerations for quality demands of the market are necessary. We strive to provide comprehensive and professional advice to our customers. Learn more

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