We’re an independent service laboratory for external quality control.

We analyse and evaluate food, food packaging, consumer products or hygiene products and their raw materials for substances or contaminants. We support you with a competent and innovative team focused on reaching solutions for your specific needs.

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Years of experience

Our History

Foundation of the Company in Geesthacht, Germany
The Geesthacht Analytical Laboratory (GALAB) was founded in 1992 on the premises of GKSS-Research Centre by the shareholders Dr. Eckard Jantzen, Dr. Jürgen Kuballa, Dr. Maximilian Hempel (until 2000) and Dr. Holger Hintelmann (until 1998).
Inception of the GALAB Pesticides 500plus® multi-method
In the field of pesticide analysis, GALAB has been making a name since 2006 by introducing the multi-method GALAB pesticide 500plus®, an innovative method for determining pesticides. This measurement procedure became an important milestone for GALAB. Today, the company’s know-how is required for virtually everything the end-user can come in contact with.
Relocation to the new high-tech building in Hamburg-Bergedorf
In 2014, 80 employees moved from Geesthacht to the new high-tech building in Hamburg Bergedorf. Today it is a team of more than 210 people. Managing Director Dr. Eckard Jantzen reported in the Lauenburgische Landeszeitung: “We can accommodate up to 250 jobs in our building."
Launch of the SOI (Substances of Interest) Program
In 2017, GALAB developed the SOI (Substances of Interest) program, which lists various parameters from different substance groups that are considered to be of particular concern for hygiene products such as feminine or baby care products. As an experienced partner, GALAB supports the monitoring processes of these contaminants and offers its customers highly qualified advice.
One of the world's leading analytical laboratories
Today, GALAB is a leading innovator in the field of analysis, with our services being utilised by high-profile clients from all over the globe. We efficiently analyse and evaluate food, food packaging, consumer goods or hygiene products and their raw materials using the latest state-of-the-art technologies, some of which have even been developed in-house.

The Geesthacht Analytical Laboratory (GALAB) was founded in 1992 on the premises of the GKSS Research Centre and is now one of the leading providers of high-quality laboratory services in Germany.

Research in the field concerning the determination of organic tin and mercury compounds in the environment and in foodstuffs formed a solid basis for the foundation of the company. Today, GALAB is a world leader in the analysis of arsenic compounds.

Growth through innovation characterises the company in the years following its foundation. GALAB is one of the first private laboratories to focus on tandem mass spectrometry. The first fundamental methods for the determination of pharmaceuticals in the environment and food were researched and established.

Our high-tech laboratory building in Hamburg, which we moved into in 2014, is equipped with the latest equipment and technology, enabling us to provide fast and accurate analytical services to a wide range of industries. Dedicated to delivering reliable results and ensuring customer satisfaction, our team of highly skilled scientists and technicians is committed to excellence.

Today, numerous national and international customers rely on GALAB and its expertise. The certificates of our analysis are widely used to improve the tradability of products.

GALAB is owner-managed

Management & Corporate Boards

Since 2014, GALAB has been located in Hamburg-Bergedorf, where it operates as an analytical laboratory from a state-of-the-art, self-designed building. With a staff of 220 incredibly competent and skilled employees, GALAB is independently owned and managed as well as financially autonomous. This enables the company to cater to the interests of its customers without any limitations or restrictions.

Our Managing Directors are committed to continuing the GALAB path of innovation, excellence and quality that has guided us throughout the many years of our existence.


Dr. Jürgen Kuballa
Founder and Managing Director
Aiming for new goals and always discovering the desire and inspiration for new challenges - this is the GALAB way, as it was from the beginning, as it is today and as it will always be.
Dr. Eckard Jantzen
Founder and Managing Director
At GALAB we are a team and that is the key to our success. We're keen to have team players who enjoy taking on new challenges every day, who take ownership of their careers and who work for a better future.
Hans Wunsch
Managing Director
We are committed to seeking the truth, loving the beautiful, wanting the good and doing our best. Our curiosity also includes the desire to understand our customers around the world. This always leads us in new directions.

An important milestone

Since 2006, GALAB has established itself as a major player in the field of pesticide analysis with the introduction of the innovative GALAB pesticide 500plus® multi-method. This measurement technique marks a decisive milestone for GALAB.

Today, the company’s expertise is indispensable in various aspects of consumer products. These include a wide range of consumer goods such as diapers, hygiene products, toys, clothing, packaging and, in particular, food products such as organic products and baby food.

The rapidly expanding market for organic products comes with high expectations for compliance and monitoring. GALAB places great emphasis on this aspect and has implemented a world-leading standard in analysis.

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"Our team is key for our success. At GALAB, we want people who take on new challenges every day, play as a team, take ownership of their career and work for a better future."
Hamburg, Germany
GALAB Laboratories GmbH
Years of Experience
31 Years
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Number of Employees
Our Values

Corporate Philosophy

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Responsibility for our Customers

Our mission in a nutshell – service, quality, innovation and responsibility for our customers. Our main focus is on individual service and intensive communication. In everything we do for our customers, we feel responsible for their market success. Since we are committed to this challenge, we always give our very best and are continuously looking for ways to further improve our service.
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Quality is Safety

The quality of your products is a promise to your customers. Quality is safety. We analyse your products thoroughly and support your quality promise even under strictest requirements. Just like you, we are not compromising in regard to quality and product reliability.
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Innovation Through Research

Our employees have a solid know-how and an outstanding competence to find the right solutions for your problems. This competence allows for a flexible adaptation to the individual needs of our customers. To meet the ever increasing demands, we independently develop and validate new innovative analytical methods.
Certified & Accredited
Biocatalysis for a better life

GALAB Biotechnology

Our Biotechnology department specialises in the biocatalysis of valuable poly-and oligosaccharides for a broad range of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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World Wide

GALAB International Services

Whatever the object of the analysis and wherever it is carried out, the GALAB standard is always guaranteed. Worldwide.

Our representatives around the world understand local market conditions and can efficiently support you with your specific requirements. Thanks to overcoming language barriers, we achieve higher customer retention with local clients.


GALAB International

As an independent, internationally active service laboratory, GALAB has quickly become the leading player when it comes to investigations of contaminants and residues in food, food packaging, consumer products, baby and femcare products as well as sanitary products and their raw materials along the entire supply chain - while offering external quality control with experience since 1992. Although based in Hamburg GALAB has subsidiaries in Peru, Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Ukraine and China, with personal representatives on the ground in the Philippines and Sri Lanka

Germany Germany

GALAB - where career and innovation meet

GALAB is an attractive employer and highly sought after by employees. As our motto is social responsibility, we focus our attention on our people.

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A Tale of Gravel and Birds

A Tale of Gravel and Birds

When we built our high-tech building in Hamburg-Bergedorf in 2014, we wanted to supply it with as much renewable energy as possible. That’s why we wanted to utilise every possible area of our roof for solar panels, just as we ...
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We proudly announce our attendance at BIOFACH 2024

We proudly announce our attendance at BIOFACH 2024

Join us at the forefront of the world’s leading organic trade fair, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany from February 13-16. Embark on a four-day journey of innovation, exploration and celebration of the organic sector.
01. February 2024
Announcing our new strategic cooperation with ITC Labs in India

Announcing our new strategic cooperation with ITC Labs in India

We are thrilled to share exciting news with our valued customers operating in India – GALAB Laboratories is embarking on a strategic cooperation with Interstellar Testing Centre Pvt Ltd (ITC Labs), a leading player in the Indian testing and inspection ...
19. January 2024
GALAB Laboratories GmbH at the OUTLOOK 2023 Conference

GALAB Laboratories GmbH at the OUTLOOK 2023 Conference

We participated in the OUTLOOK 2023 Conference in Algarve, Portugal. The conference, the world’s leading event for nonwovens in the hygiene, personal care, and wet wipes sectors, provided a platform for industry experts to exchange ideas and discuss the future ...
GALAB hosted the GewerbeKlima.VorOrt Roadshow

GALAB hosted the GewerbeKlima.VorOrt Roadshow

As a proud member of the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg, the Environmental Partnership of the City of Hamburg for the promotion of voluntary corporate environmental protection, we are always happy to support their activities. For this reason, we have made our property ...
GALAB participates in the Girls’Day and Boys’Day event

GALAB participates in the Girls’Day and Boys’Day event

You can get children excited about STEM topics at a very young age, even if it’s just with simple science experiments. GALAB is proud of its continuous support in promoting young people’s interest in the STEM fields. That’s why GALAB ...
GALAB Laboratories, a Green Company

GALAB Laboratories, a Green Company

Winning the “Project of the Year 2019” award from Renewable Energies Hamburg (EEHH) for its ice storage project, which resulted in a saving of more than 20,562 kilograms of CO2, equivalent to planting 613,74 trees, and providing charging stations for ...