GALAB offers a new, advanced method for the determination of Miliacin

GALAB offers a new, advanced method for the determination of Miliacin

Miliacin: The increasingly popular natural hair beauty booster

Miliacin is a rare triterpene, which is a natural component found in millet seeds. So far, miliacin has only been detected in millet and millet products such as millet oil. It is increasingly touted as the new beauty secret for shiny, voluminous, and smooth hair. Studies indicate that miliacin can promote hair growth and prevent hair growth disorders¹. This is why dietary supplements based on millet oil with miliacin as the main ingredient, specifically designed for hair care, are becoming more and more popular. Especially since miliacin is of purely natural origin and does not require artificial additives to unleash its effects.

The highly popular new product for organic nutritional supplements par excellence

For manufacturers of dietary supplements, millet oil is therefore an attractive new product for the ecological dietary supplement market, whether in liquid form or as a capsule for ingestion. Many consumers trust in the natural effectiveness of miliacin and therefore buy its products for more beautiful looking hair. As a result, numerous manufacturers have already started selling millet oil as a dietary supplement. However, in order to ensure that the millet oil in the supplements actually contains the claimed amount of miliacin, a thorough analysis of the oil to identify the ingredients is necessary. GALAB has now developed a new solution for this.

Our new method for measuring miliacin

To ensure the miliacin content in declared dietary supplements, GALAB has developed a new advanced method. Our self-developed analysis technique uses saponification and measurement via GC-MSD (Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry Detector) to precisely determine the miliacin content in millet oil. This method allows for a reliable analysis with a detection limit in plant oils of an impressive 1 mg/kg. With our new method, we offer dietary supplement manufacturers the opportunity to capitalize on the rising demand for miliacin and always be sure that the offered substance is also present in the marketed millet oil.


Miliacin, a rare triterpene in millet seeds, has established itself as a natural beauty booster for shiny and healthy hair. It is increasingly celebrated as a beauty secret that not only promotes hair growth but also prevents hair growth disorders. Dietary supplements based on millet oil with miliacin are therefore becoming more popular, as they are of purely natural origin and do not require artificial additives.

For manufacturers of dietary supplements, millet oil provides an attractive option in the market for ecological products. Consumers trust in the natural effectiveness of miliacin, but to ensure that the stated amount is present in the product, a precise analysis of millet oil is required. GALAB has developed an advanced method to accurately determine the miliacin content. This method allows for a reliable analysis with a detection limit of 1 mg/kg in plant oils. Thus, we offer manufacturers the opportunity to meet the growing demand for miliacin and ensure that their products contain the declared content.


¹ Boisnic S. et al. (2016) Miliacin Associated with Polar Lipids: Effect on Growth Factors Excretion and Extracellular Matrix of the Dermal Papilla Hair Follicle Model Maintained in Survival Conditions

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