New MRLs for lead and cadmium amending (EC) No 1881/2006

New MRLs for lead and cadmium amending (EC) No 1881/2006

New Maximum Limits of the contaminants cadmium and lead are applying, modifying the EU Contaminants Regulation (Regulation 1881/2006). The new Limits of Lead apply since 30 August on, and for Cadmium, they apply since 31 August.

New maximum levels for lead

Regulation 2021/1317: New maximum levels for lead

The modifications summarized:

  • the revision of category 3.1.13 or the products mentioned therein
  • the addition of category 3.1.15 “Wild mushrooms, fresh Turmeric and fresh ginger” (0.8 mg/kg) and
  • the introduction of category 3.1.26 “Dried spices”

Note: In Article 2, a so-called transitional measure is granted. That means that all products listed in the Regulation that is legally placed on the market before 30 August 2021 (new lead Maximum Limits valid) may remain on the market until 28 February 2022. This means that these goods can be marketed for at least another six months if the current (then “old”) lead Maximum Limit is complied with.

New maximum levels for Cadmium

Regulation 2021/1323: New maximum levels for Cadmium

The modifications summarized:

  • new numbering of the types of goods
  • differentiation of the types of goods/products and complementary addition to the category.


Note: In Article 2, a so-called transitional provision (similar to the “transitional measures” in the case of Maximum Limits amendments) is granted. That means that the foodstuffs listed in the Annex to this Regulation, which were lawfully placed on the market before 31 August 2021, may continue to be placed on the market for another six months until 28 February 2022.

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