The nitroimidazoles Dimetridazole, Metronidazole and Ronidazole are antibiotics whose application was explicitly banned with regulation 2377/90. Thus, application of nitroimidazoles as medical treatment as well as feed additive is prohibited. No residues of nitroimidazoles or their metabolites (HMMNI) in products of animal origin must be present. Currently there is a therapeutic gap to treat blackhead disease of turkeys due to this ban.

Benzimidazoles are pharmaceutical products for the treatment of worms or parasites. Furthermore benzimidazoles are used for plastics, dyestuffs, as sun filter in sun screen products but also as fungicides for plant protection. Maximum residue limits (MRL) are issued in the EC in regulation 37/2010 for the active substances Albendazole, Fenben­dazole, Flubendazole, Mebendazole, Oxfendazole, Thiabendazole and their metabolites.

We offer highly sensitive LC-MS-MS analysis for the control of your raw materials, food and feed for nitroimidazoles and benzimidazoles and also support you with questions regarding food legislation.

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