Coccidia are parasites infesting the gastrointestinal tract of poultry, rabbits and ruminants and as a result cause diarrhoea. Affected animals are treated with coccidiostats added to the feed.

Coccidiostats are authorised as feed additives according to regulation 1831/2003, how­ever, application on laying hens is forbidden since residues accumulate in egg yolk. EC regulation 37/2010 sets a maximum limit of 150 µg/kg for Lasalocid in eggs.

Residues of coccidiostats may also occur in eggs and food of animal origin due to feeding stuff. The reason is a carry-over during the production process of feed with added coccidiostats. With the EC regulation 124/2009 maximum limits were therefore issued for residues from carry-over for coccidiostats in eggs and other foods of animal origin.

We reliably check your raw material, food and feed for coccidiostats. Our method comprises determination of Lasalocid, Monensin, Narasin, Salinomycin, Clopidol, Diclazuril, Nicarbazin and Robinidin using highly sensitive LC-MS-MS technolog

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