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Chloramphenicole and Nitrofurans

The application of Chloramphenicole (CAP) and nitrofurans (NF) is already banned in Europe since the mid-1990s. Currently these pharmacologically active substances for­bidden in foods of animal origin are listed in EU regulation 37/2010. This means, that products with the slightest residues are not marketable. Therefore sensitive methods with low detection limits are important. In the commission decision 2003/181/EC re­quirements for validation of analytical methods and minimum required performance limits (MRPLs) for analytical methods were defined for the determination of Chloramphenicole and nitrofurans. We supply highly sensitive liquid chromatographic methods coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS).

Chloramphenicole (CAP) irreversibly damages the spinal cord and promotes multidrug-resistance in bacteria. Honey, shrimps or poultry are repeatedly tested positive in federal monitoring (rapid alert system). Mainly imported goods are concerned. Check your products in advance with our efficient methods und minimize your risk.

Nitrofuran antibiotics are quickly metabolised in the body. However, metabolites are bonded to proteins in tissue. To determine an illegal application of nitrofurans for as long a period as possible, the metabolites are therefore analysed.


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