Mineral Oil MOSH/MOAH

MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons) and MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are hydrocarbons that originate in products containing mineral oil. MOAH is classified by the EU as possibly genotoxic and carcinogenic, which is why the European Union has decided to set recommendations for MOAH levels in food.

Although the highest risk of MOSH/MOAH contamination of food in the past appeared to come from the use of mineral oil-containing inks for food packaging, their use has declined in recent years in favor of safer, cleaner printing options or the use of virgin fiber cartons. However, over time, other sources of MOSH/MOAH contamination have been identified that may occur in food manufacturing. Possible exposures in agricultural products include exhaust from diesel vehicles and harvesters, contact with machine lubricants during food processing, or crop storage on asphalt floors. (See here)

According to the recent recommendation of the EU Commission, foods exceeding specific MOAH levels should be withdrawn from the market or, if necessary, recalled. (Source)

In addition to the new EU recommendations, it is usually also ensured that products comply with the MOH orientation values of the German Länderarbeitsgemeinschaft Verbraucherschutz and the German Food Federation. (See here)

At GALAB Laboratories, we test foods for possible mineral oil contamination. With our analysis we can check your products for compliance with both the requirements of the latest EU recommendations and the MOH orientation values. Our methods are characterized by a high degree of innovation. We test according to the DGF standard method, to which we have contributed.

Don’t wait any longer – protect yourself, your company and your supply chains from the consequences of a possible MOSH/MOAH contamination. Because at GALAB, we offer you safety and accuracy.

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