GMO Identification

With your consent after a positive screening, we carry out further analyses for the identification of the contained GMO. Determination targets specific genes and genetic events and allows for identification of the GMO in association with the results of the screening. Therefore it is possible to distinguish between authorised and non-authorised GMO and to assess marketability of your product.

Non-Authorised GMO
Whereas for imports of non-authorised GMO in feed a tolerance limit of 0.1% applies under certain conditions, for food stuff regulation in the EU is more stringent. Each detection of a non-authorised GMO in food independent of the amount leads to prohibition – the analytical zero tolerance is applicable.

Authorised GMO in Europe
For all GMO authorised in the EU there are event-specific detection methods for unequivocal identification. In addition, we use these methods for quantification, too, to control legal requirements in regard to labelling (e.g. in Europe).

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