GALAB’s in-house analysis of hydrocyanic acid

Hydrocyanic acid is known to be a highly toxic substance. While the substance itself is not present in toxicologically relevant quantities in food, it does get released in the human body when food containing cyanogenic glycosides bound to hydrocyanic acid is ingested and subsequently comes into contact with hydrolytic enzymes....

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Honoring GALAB’s commitment to the environment

GALAB is not only proud of its high-quality service in the field of analytical testing, but also of its continuous commitment to the environment. This commitment has been awarded with membership in the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg, the institution for the promotion of voluntary corporate environmental protection in Hamburg. Established by the...

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GALAB participates in the Girls’Day and Boys’Day event

You can get children excited about STEM topics at a very young age, even if it’s just with simple science experiments. GALAB is proud of its continuous support in promoting young people’s interest in the STEM fields. That’s why GALAB has participated in the German Girls’Day and Boys’Day 2022 event...

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GALAB Laboratories, A Green Company

Winning the “Project of the Year 2019” award from Renewable Energies Hamburg (EEHH) for its ice storage project, which resulted in a saving of more than 20,562 kilograms of CO2, equivalent to planting 613,74 trees, and providing charging stations for its employees’ e-cars at the company building are just some...

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