GLOBAL PRESENCE- HEADQUARTER IN HAMBURG Worldwide locations and an international culture shape our global footprint.The world of raw materials is a universe of diversity. The global market for crops is almost limitless. For this reason the keen eye of the experts is all the more important. GALAB has been offering the highest level of competence and experience for almost 30 years. No wonder that the expertise of one of the leading analysis laboratories is highly treasured by customers worldwide. The GALAB certificate ensures that absolutely everything has been thought of. At the end, it is a valuable benefit when the goods go on sale.No path is too far and no effort too great for the goal of ensuring sustainability in the area of origin. Nevertheless, efficiency comes first for GALAB. That is why GALAB does its own sampling and goes to the bottom of any given quality assurance, offering the acquisition of local cooperation partners as well as the qualification of the relevant suppliers, for instance by audits. Whatever the object of the analysis, and wherever it is carried out, the GALAB standard is always guaranteed. Worldwide


GALAB CHINA Vertretungen im Ausland GALAB Niederlassung in China GALAB Laboratories (Dalian) Co., Ltd. ist eine hundertprozentige Tochtergesellschaft der GALAB Laboratories GmbH. Sie wurde 2018 gegründet und hat seinen Sitz…

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GALAB Peru Auslandsvertretung GALAB Niederlassung in Peru GALAB Laboratories Perú SAC leistet einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Steigerung der Akzeptanz von peruanischen Agrarexporten, indem es seine Kunden mit technischer Präzision hinsichtlich…

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