Allergens well characterised
The soy bean is one of the world’s most important legume with valuable proteins and an unusually high content of oil. Soy is widely used in foods and is therefore called “hidden allergen”. There are different allergenic soy proteins, amongst them the thermally instable and acid-sensitive Gly m 4 which may trigger pollen associated reactions in people allergic to birch pollen. Therefore mainly non-processed or hardly processed foods are dangerous for most allergic people. Additionally, there may be cross reactions to other legumes such as peanut even in highly processed foods.

Methods of Determination
The detection of soy is possible via specific proteins or on a molecular level via DNA. At our GMO laboratory, a specific PCR based method for the determination of the soy lectin gene was already developed and validated. At GALAB we offer this method for a sensitive determination of allergenic soy components in food.

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