Allergens in Cows' Milk

Cows’ Milk Allergy
The classic IgE-induced cows’ milk allergy is triggered by proteins in milk (Casein, whey proteins). For children and infants cows’ milk allergens are of utmost significance.
For analysis immunological ELISA methods are applied to enable the determination of Casein, ß-Lactoglobulin respectively total milk protein. On a DNA level the differentiation between cows’ milk and beef is not possible. As a result PCR methods are suitable only to a limited extent for the determination of allergenic cows’ milk in processed foods. False positive results in the presence of cows’ DNA are possible. We are happy to advise you on the choice of the suitable analyses for your products.

Lactose Intolerance
Food intolerances may cause similar reactions like food allergies, therefore lactose is called a pseudo allergen and for the protection of sensitive consumers is subject to labelling requirements, too. People with a lactose intolerance are unable to metabolise the milk sugar lactose or have difficulties digesting it.
The determination of lactose at GALAB is carried out using an enzymatic method with photometric determination and is applicable for many food matrices.

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