Cereals containing Gluten

Prolamine and Gluteline are proteins in cereals which are insoluble in water and are summarised as gluten. Among the cereals containing gluten are wheat, rye, oat, spelt, barley and kamut, but they differ in the amounts of gluten. Gluten is supposed to trigger coeliac disease, a chronic disease of the intestinal mucosa. Susceptible persons have to avoid gluten completely. In regulation 41/2009, the EU has defined labelling requirements and maximum limits for gluten concentrations in food.

Final Products – Control of Maximum Limit
Determination of cereals containing gluten using ELISA is carried out as a matter of routine at GALAB. This test sensitively determines prolamines in wheat (Gliadin), rye (Secalin) and barley (Hordein) and may be applied to various matrices. Even in processed foods the detection is feasible without problems – for the control of your final product. As an alternative, selective determination of the DNA of the respective cereals is possible using PCR.

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