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Honoring GALAB’s commitment to the environment

GALAB is not only proud of its high-quality service in the field of analytical testing, but also of its continuous commitment to the environment. This commitment has been awarded with membership in the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg, the institution for the promotion of voluntary corporate environmental protection in Hamburg.

Established by the Hamburg Senate in 2003 to boost environmentally conscious and sustainable actions in organizations and companies, the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg currently comprises around 1,250 members of various sectors and sizes. The criteria for a membership are the implementation of measures that provide extended environmental protection services at the respective company’s operations in Hamburg. These range from generating pure green electricity, providing e-car charging stations, protecting flying, creeping, and crawling animals, or using solar panels.

GALAB is doing its part for a greener future and has added more and more environmentally friendly projects to its portfolio since its first membership in 2015. Thus, GALAB meets many of the necessary criteria for membership and even more: For instance, the solar-powered electronic car charging stations provide clean energy for GALABs environmentally conscious employees and with its beekeeping project, GALAB provides a home for one of the world’s most important and diligent insects.

Commenting the renewal of the membership of the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg, GALAB Founder and Managing Director Dr. Eckard Jantzen said:

“Ecologically designed building techniques must be supported from the very beginning, and the sensible use of materials must be central to this. This starts at the construction of the building, and not just afterwards. For example, the construction of the ice storage achieved such an energy efficiency that would not have been possible in a building with conventional temperature control, which was later sustainably retrofitted. That’s why even the construction of new buildings itself requires an ecological mindset. That is what we have done here at GALAB, with the results being impressive ecological achievements, which have been recognized by our membership in the Umweltpartnerschaft Hamburg.”

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