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GALAB participates in the Girls’Day and Boys’Day event

You can get children excited about STEM topics at a very young age, even if it’s just with simple science experiments. GALAB is proud of its continuous support in promoting young people’s interest in the STEM fields. That’s why GALAB has participated in the German Girls’Day and Boys’Day 2022 event to provide young students an exciting glimpse into career paths previously unknown to them.
As part of this event, six students, aged 10 to 13, visited GALAB on April 28. After a short introduction by our trainees, the students were shown the GALAB laboratories and departments from the inside, starting with the sample preparation, where they could observe the sample homogenization of a tomato.
The students then participated in various chemistry experiments: the production of fruit confectionery by cooking gelatin, a quality test of food, the determination of the pH value of various liquids and the performance of a flame test to determine chemicals. Our trainees also demonstrated a few chemical reactions to the students, such as the creation of “Elephant’s toothpaste”.

All participants were very impressed with the shown experiments, especially by those that produced bright colors or lots of foam. After the students were asked whether they could imagine a profession in this direction in their future, they expressed themselves very positively towards it. They enjoyed the event very much as it sparked their interest in chemistry.

Who knows, maybe the next great revolutionary chemist was even among them?

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