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GALAB cooperates with the NachwuchsCampus

To encourage an interest in STEM professions among middle and high school students, Hamburg University of Technology (TuHH) has launched the “NachwuchsCampus” project. Within the framework of this cooperative project between the TuHH, various companies from the natural sciences and technology sector and schools in the Hamburg metropolitan region, interested students are provided with a practical career orientation. This project is sponsored by the Hamburg Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) and the Wirtschaftsverein für den Hamburger Süden e.V. (Business Association for the South of Hamburg).

The NachwuchsCampus begins with a preparatory phase in school, in which the participants research their respective partner company while being introduced to its field of expertise through experiments or other tasks. A presentation is created from this research, which is presented by the participants during a visit to their partner company. This is followed by a hands-on program at the company, which the students take part in so that they can experience the company’s day-to-day operations. In this way, the students learn first-hand about the application of their scientific and technical studies.

GALAB volunteered as a partner for this practical career orientation project: Seven interested students from the Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium were invited to GALAB on April 7th, 2022. After their presentation of their research on GALAB, they were guided through the individual laboratories to experience first-hand how the many different departments work. In the subsequent practical program, the students were able to determine the caffeine content of energy drinks with the help of GALAB’s high-quality equipment.

The event was a great success: The participants were enthusiastic and completed the practical tasks with great interest. At the end of the event, many of them also saw their future in laboratory analytics.

After all, the interested young talents of today are the innovative industry specialists of tomorrow. 💙💙

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