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GALAB Services For The New Organic Regulation VO ( EU) 2018/848

On January 1, 2022, the new EU organic regulation (eu)2018/828 has been in force. It’s an important update for European importers that concerns the need for precautionary measures in the value chain to avoid contamination.

To prevent unacceptable contamination of organic products, operators must take adequate measures to identify and avoid such risks. Such measures should be reviewed periodically and adjusted as necessary along the value chain from the origin of the product (seeds, inputs, agriculture), and be valued as “proportionate “and “appropriate”. The importers are obliged to carry out regular checks and adjustments.

GALAB Organic Integrity in Chain Management Services

GALAB is constantly developing new services to meet the ever-changing and complex needs of our customers. Innovation is essential in a dynamic market to create the foundation for our customers’ success. At GALAB, we have therefore developed a product specifically for European importers. It enables them to easily assess and understand the value chains of their suppliers in third countries. The primary goal is to identify and subsequently minimize the risks of product mixtures, impurities and adulteration. By minimizing these risks, entrepreneurs who fall within the scope of the EU Organic Regulation ultimately fulfill their obligations arising from the recent amendments to this regulation.

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