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Successful Management Workshops at GALAB

We are grateful for the successful management workshops at GALAB for operational management. It is well known that GALAB pay a specific attention to education and training and even hires PhD students to promote the future of the younger generations. 

GALAB has become involved in the Bioeconomy Initiative as part of the measures to promote practical experience in managing a business. GALAB’s managing Director, Dr. Jürgen Kuballa, has led two workshops for nine PhD students from a wide range of universities. This once again underlined the cooperation between scientific institutions and the laboratory. The workshops on “Operational Management” and “Creating a Business Plan” were funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In the first full-day workshop on Wednesday, the doctoral students learned about the elements of operational management. In addition to the responsibilities of a management position, the workshop addressed how companies are structured and managed. A recurring aspect was also the topic of communication. Within the second day of the workshop, the students created their own business plans and practised pitches for potential investors.

GALAB is proud of the great feedback from the participants and wishes them all the best for the future.

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