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GALAB achieved the highest score in QS Laboratory Performance Assessment

GALAB achieves fantastic results in QS round robin test in spring 2021

The QS Fachgesellschaft Obst-Gemüse-Kartoffeln GmbH regularly carries out so-called performance assessments. Here, the laboratories receive test samples that are to be examined for pesticide residues, for example. These performance assessments represent an ability test and serve the purpose of quality assurance. In this way each laboratory can demonstrate its performance ability on a particular testing field.

GALAB regularly participates in these tests of the QS Fachgesellschaft. This was also the case in spring 2021: Our laboratory received the maximum number of 10 in the QS point ranking again.

GALAB convinces in residue monitoring “fruit-vegetable-potatoes”

In times of constantly increasing quality requirements, it is becoming more and more important to detect the lowest possible residues. To ensure this, laboratories must work carefully and have the necessary experience.

The QS performance assessments are intended to confirm just this. In spring 2021, the focus of the trial was on the peach matrix. The sample had to be analyzed for pesticide residues by the participating laboratories.

Fortunately, GALAB’s laboratory finished with the highest score. It was awarded 10 points, which is the highest score. Thus, we have once again proven that we work safely and reliably.

This is an important sign, especially for our customers: The QS laboratory performance assessments are subject to strict controls. An award from the QS testing system is a reliable indicator of high-quality laboratory services in the field of food analysis.

Our claim is to maintain this high level. Therefore, regular participation in a wide variety of performance assessments will continue to be part of GALAB’s quality management in the future.

GALAB: Your excellent partner for food analysis

If you are looking for a highly professional laboratory for the analysis of your food, then we at GALAB are the partner at your side. In the field of pesticide analysis, we work with a self-developed method: GALAB Pesticides 500Plus®.

This is a pesticide multi-method that allows us to detect over 500 active ingredients relevant to the food retail industry. Even the lowest residues amounts are detected by our laboratories in this analysis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]   

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