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GALAB proves excellent analytical quality

GALAB proves excellent analytical quality in regular interlaboratory comparisons

The Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN) e.V. regularly conducts ring tests on pesticides in various products, in which GALAB participates with the analytical methods represented in its own laboratories. On behalf of BNN, the Lach and Bruns Partnership designed and organized a competence test regarding pesticides in chickpea flour in May 2021.

With a wide variety of analyses, GALAB makes an important contribution to the safety and quality of food and consumer products. GALAB has also established a quality management system within the company, which includes regular controls and participation in comparative ring tests. These serve as an outstanding method of external quality assurance for testing laboratories. Here, basically identical samples are tested with identical or different procedures. By comparing the results, statements can then be made about accuracy and quality of measurement of the corresponding laboratories.

Laboratory comparison tests are therefore not only part of the essential quality requirements of laboratories, but also help GALAB to meet its own standards and to guarantee its customers the best analytical quality.

GALAB recently proved the precision in pesticide analysis in a Laboratory Performance Assessment with chickpea flour

The test material was enriched with 8 analytes (7 pesticide active ingredients and 1 metabolite) and delivered without prior notice. The ring test covered the pesticide multi-method as well as the analysis of acidic herbicides and glyphosate and AMPA. Twenty participants from four European countries took part in the ring test. The performance evaluation considered different testing criteria such as no false positives, correct identification of analytes, no false negatives and correct quantification of pesticides / metabolites in terms of accuracy.

GALAB’s analytical performance was rated “excellent” in this framework, clearly meeting the BNN quality standards. The very good interlaboratory test results once again prove the high-quality level of analytics at GALAB. For years GALAB has ensured the accuracy, comparability and thus the quality of the entire analytical portfolio for the analysis of pesticides by participating in numerous national and international ring tests of renowned organizers. More than 28 ring test participations of GALAB in the last two years relate to the determination of pesticides in matrices that are directly related to food and feed.

In the field of pesticide analysis, GALAB has been offering reliable test methods for the detection of pesticides in conventional as well as organic food for more than 20 years with its multi-method GALAB Pesticides 500Plus®.

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