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GALAB includes Analysis of Karanjin

GALAB is constantly expanding its services and thus always adapting its measurement methods and scope to the latest level of knowledge and understanding. This now also includes the analysis of the pesticide Karanjin, which is obtained from the seeds of the Karanja tree that grows wild in southern India. Karanjin is an acaricide and insecticide that is said to have anti-nitrification properties. In some countries, the substance is therefore available as an organic pesticide for combating various pests, and is used, for example, in tea plantations or for growing lettuce. This can lead to the maximum quantity of substances of concern being exceeded.

Karanjin is not approved in the EU. GALAB is now increasingly being asked for a corresponding analysis, especially by customers in the retail sector. We have therefore reacted quickly and already included the active ingredient in our multi-method GALAB Pesticides 500Plus® and will now measure it as standard. In a recent workshop from relana® with different laboratories it was agreed on the recommendation to apply the maximum level of 10 µg/kg according to Art. 18 para. 1 b of the Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005 for the assessment of a Karanjin finding.

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