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GALAB Food Label Checking Services

Is there in it what is written on it? The end user’s concern is always the concern of a provider who wants to win over their customers in the long term. And thus also the goal of our laboratory analysis. In order to be successful in the market it is of crucial importance that the consumer feels informed about all relevant facts. That is why the correct and understandable labelling of food, for example, is our common goal. This is not only about the identity and composition or properties of food, but also, in order to protect consumers, to educate people about possible risks, for example for allergy sufferers. If certain consumers have special nutritional needs, the nutritional properties of the product must also be understandable. 👂
What has to be declared, which exceptions are allowed and where do, for example, national particularities apply? And what should you watch out for with the presentation? Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011, the main law relating to food labeling in the European Union, which became effective December 13, 2014, is a comprehensive set of rules that is constantly updated. Here, too, we are always up to date and will be happy to advise you. 👨‍🔬
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