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New Reactor for GALAB’s Biotechnology

Did you know? As a sustainable company, GALAB also counts on biotechnology for sustainable production processes. In addition to the analytical core competence that makes GALAB a leading company in analytical testing, new innovative biotechnological processes are also developed for sustainable production in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food industries.
GALAB’s biotechnology team focuses particularly on the biotechnological production of human milk oligosaccharides for baby food use. Since last week, a bioreactor lighted in almost corporate blue has been expanding the experimental possibilities of fermentation at GALAB. With its two litres of working volume, the new device represents an important intermediate step in the scaling up of biotechnological production of valuable substances. It also saves laboratory space due to its compact design.
As an analytical company, it is of particular interest that we can very flexibly connect new innovative measurement technology to the system’s board and use it to control the fermentation processes. With the flexibility of software and hardware, there are many possibilities for automation for in-house processes. GALAB’s biotechnology team is looking forward to numerous successful fermentations with high enzyme and product outputs! 
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