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GALAB continues to meet BNN requirements

GALAB Laboratories will continue to be listed as an analytical laboratory that meets the strict requirements set by the Federal Association of Natural Foods and Natural Goods, Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN). This applies to both the analysis and the assessment of pesticide residues in organic products. The Berlin-based BNN has confirmed this once again, underscoring the high quality of the work as an external food laboratory in the organic sector.

The approval relates to the modules M1 (pesticides in fruit and vegetables, fresh and processed), M2 (pesticides in cereals and cereal products, rice and legumes), M3 (pesticides in oil seeds, vegetable oils and fats) and M4 (pesticides in tea , fruit and herbal tea as well as dried herbs and spices) as well as the substance groups S1 (mycotoxins), S3 (metals and other elements), S4 (phthalates and other plasticizers), S5 (PAH and MOSH / MOAH) and S6 (dioxins and PCB).

GALAB has been a BNN-approved laboratory for many years and looks forward to further cooperation.

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