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Process contaminants: GALAB extends furan analysis

The greatest possible food safety is always the top priority at GALAB. That is why we are constantly expanding the portfolio of our services and optimizing our already proven furan analysis using headspace GC-MSD by adding 2,5-dimethylfuran, 2-ethylfuran, and the isomers 2-methylfuran and 3-methylfuran with immediate effect.

Like acrylamide, furan is one of the process contaminants that can be formed from the naturally contained ingredients during the production or preparation of food during the heating process (e. g. roasting, baking, sterilization).

Furan and its derivatives can be found in many foods such as grain products (bread, baked goods or breakfast cereals), but also juices, canned goods, soy products, coffee, cocoa, ready-made meals, roasted nuts and in meat and fish. Especially in the case of infant food, there is a high risk of furan formation due to the common heating in closed jars. Due to its high volatility, it requires know-how to determine the levels of furan and its isomers in foods.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), consumer exposure to furan and methylfurans in food could possibly lead to long-term liver damage. The exposure for infants is particularly high, mainly caused by ready-to-eat meals.

The analysis for furan has long been part of GALAB’s wide range of analyses. Now we are taking into account the increasing need of customers to reduce the formation of furans in the course of optimizing manufacturing processes. In addition to furan, we add further furan isomers to our range of analyses, thus completing our customers’ monitoring plan.

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