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New EDANA methods for hygiene products

Last year the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) published new specific methods for the analysis of Substances of Interest (SOI) in hygiene products. As part of the Stewardship Program for Absorbent Hygiene Products published by EDANA, standardised methods were developed to analyse and monitor substances or residues (contamination) in absorbent hygiene products (AHP).

This new method consists of three parts:

  1. NWSP 360.1 R0 (20): It describes the creation of a representative sample of the product (homogenization) for the following analysis. What is new here is that in addition to baby diapers, all other AHP, such as femcare or incontinence products can be homogenized according to EDANA requirements for a subsequent analysis.

  2. NWSP 360.2 R0 (20): It describes the execution of an extraction with suitable test simulants. Different test scenarios can be selected according to the application conditions in order to simulate exposure of the consumer to the SOI when using these products.

  3. NWSP 360.3 R0 (20): It describes the analysis from the various simulants and gives general requirements for the analysis of the respective SOI.

The data generated can now be used to formulate new general purity requirements or to assess exposure risks for the consumer due to the use of the products.

GALAB offers the analysis of the complete scope of the current SOI according to the EDANA methods.

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