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Updated Pesticide Scopes


Trading food and raw materials of plant origin involves global transport routes and processes. To ensure that the end consumer can be sure that the products offered on the market in this country can be consumed without hesitation, international and European maximum residue levels of certain ingredients or accompanying substances apply. These legal regulations are subject to constant changes and innovations, as research and development require regular adjustments.

This is where GALAB’s services come in, ensuring on the one hand that customers receive competent advice on the various regulations. On the other hand, new pesticides and their metabolites have recently been added to the range of GALAB Pesticides 500Plus® multi-methods in the context of pesticide analysis. Through this expansion, GALAB offers a comprehensive service that pursues the common goal of product safety.

Further information

For the protection of the consumer, the legislator has set maximum residue levels for plant protection products, pest control products and stock protection products in the German Ordinance on Maximum Residue Levels (RHmV) within the framework of the Food and Feed Code (LFGB). At the European level, the maximum residue levels of Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005 apply. In addition to the maximum levels applicable to conventional products, foodstuffs from organic farming must also comply with the stronger regulations of EC Organic Regulation No. 834/2007.  In addition, EC Organic Regulation No. 834/2008 applies. As a practicable means, the BNN has therefore adopted an orientation value for pesticides of 0.010 mg/kg. For baby food, even stronger regulations on pesticide residues apply, which are laid down in the EU via Directive 2006/125/EC and implemented in Germany in the Diätverordnung.

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