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Labeling check: Current Nutri-Score

Proteins, carbohydrates, fat – you have them in all sorts of food. But in different quantities. So consumers will ultimatly lose track of things. For a company, it is therefore important to take responsibility and to keep them adequately informed.

In addition to the well-known mandatory information, there is new information on nutrition labeling on packaged foods.

There is a new approach among the voluntary information, the Nutri-Score, which since November 6th has been included as a voluntary information in the implementation ordinance of the Food Information Implementation Ordinance in § 4a. The Nutri-Score was taken from France, where it has been used as a voluntary information since 2017 by the trademark owner Santé Publique France, and must meet their conditions.

The Nutri-Score is intended to enable the consumer to make an easier purchase decision. The so-called “food traffic light” should enable the buyer to value the product compared to its competitors in terms of its nutritional quality.

Large German supermarket chains now also intend to use the logo for their own products.

Link to the regulation:  § 4a LMIDV – Einzelnorm (

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