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GALAB obtains 100 % green electricity

„We realized early on that the important climate targets can only be achieved if CO2 emissions are reduced drastically. This is why we keep trying out new things. We feel that it is right to lead by example.“ – Dr. Eckard Jantzen, Managing Director of GALAB Laboratories GmbH 💬

Thus, yesterday GALAB again set a milestone with regard to its own ecological goals and adds another detail to the green company life from now on. 🌱

Since November 1st, GALAB has been covering its electricity completely from green sources. GALAB now gets its total energy consumption from HAMBURG ENERGIE, a regional supplier in Hamburg. Since its foundation in 2009, it offers alternatives to nuclear and coal-fired power. The company not only supplies clean energy, but also produces it itself – directly in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Thus GALAB also promotes the expansion of renewable energies on site. 🔌🌍