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GALAB supports you with services during COVID-19

GALAB well equipped! 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

The significantly increasing numbers of corona infections were already suspected in advance for the beginning of autumn, and it is hardly surprising that the focus of interest is now. 🦠

GALAB reacted quickly to the first wave and organized the internal processes so that the risk of infection for the staff was reduced and at the same time operational processes could continue to be fully guaranteed. As a result, both in terms of the health of its employees and in the provision of its services, GALAB has so far come through the noticeable global crisis well – the experience gained is certainly helpful in coping with a so-called “second wave”.

GALAB makes an important contribution to product safety and is therefore one of the companies that are required to maintain the system-relevant infrastructure. The responsible health department had already confirmed this last spring. ✅

We are following the ongoing development carefully, but with calm. What is certain is that we will definitely support our customers and partners with the full range of our services. 🔬

We will keep you up to date, especially if new facts relevant to our cooperation arise.

Stay healthy!
Your GALAB team 💙

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