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New demands on the analyzes require new developments & ideas

As a service laboratory, our top priority is to satisfy our customers and to respond to individual requests and concerns. It is important for us to always be up to date and at the same time to continuously develop.

Regardless of whether it is about completely new analyzes, lower limits of quantification or the improvement of existing methods for the benefit of people and the environment. We achieve this through the best and most up-to-date technologies as well as our dedication to each individual project. ?‍? ?‍?

The research and development department works both on internal tasks to increase efficiency and the continuous improvement of analyzes, as well as on external and individual customer requirements. Thanks to the additional department, all matters can be dealt with sufficient attention and, at the same time, routine and timely sample processing can be guaranteed.

The latest projects are, for example, the quantification of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in particularly difficult matrices with a very low limit of quantification as well as the development of a method for allergenic fragrances taking into account analytes that will be affected by legal regulations in the future. We are also involved in the PLASTISEA cooperation, in which approaches to solving the urgent problem of plastic pollution in the sea are being researched.

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