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GALAB E-Car Station

It’s got around that GALAB is always breaking new ground: Whether it’s the ice storage, the honey production, family and career initiatives or the support of various social projects at home and abroad – it’s the many pieces of the puzzle that can contribute to that something big comes about in the end. 🌍

A new piece of the puzzle has now fallen into place – it’s the photovoltaic system that was installed on the roof of the external warehouse and which has already produced 22,000 kilowatt hours of environmentally friendly electricity since it kicked off April 8th. This corresponds to 250 planted trees or a CO2 saving of more than 7,500 kilograms. 🌲 The electricity generated supplies the two charging stations that have been on the company premises since July. And GALAB’S own electric vehicle wa of course the first to tap – followed by private e-cars owned by employees. 🚗

On November 1st, GALAB will switch completely to green electricity, which will then be obtained from the regional provider Hamburg Energie. Using the same metaphor, another piece falls into place. 💡

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