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Artificial Intelligence and biosensors play important role in quality monitoring:

In order to avoid food waste and for quality assurance in particular, a continuous digital mapping of the entire supply chain, along which the quality of each individual food is measured and logged non-invasively, is of central importance. In the AI-BioSense project, using Distributed Ledger Technologies, this type of end-to-end digitization of the supply chain from production to sale of fishery products is designed and set up as a demonstrator. Central monitoring elements with the help of which the quality is to be checked along this supply chain, biosensors are part of an intelligent food packaging, on the basis of which the freshness of the product can be determined continuously and read non-invasively using optical methods. AI methods are used in particular to calibrate these sensors and predict the freshness of the food. 

The AI-BioSense project is carried out by a consortium consisting of GALAB Laboratories, the Institutes for Biomedical Optics, Nutritional Medicine and Software Technology and Programming Languages at the University of Lübeck and leading companies in the food industry, in order to investigate aspects of digitization of the supply chain as well as the optimization of biosensors, and to research the calibration of the same with the help of AI methods, as well as forecasting methods for determining the freshness of the food along the supply chain with the help of machine learning techniques.

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