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Fighting corona virus – Could Spermidine Help?

With the analysis of spermidine, GALAB Laboratories provides an important tool for current research.

Biogenic polyamines such as spermidine are small polycationic molecules that are found in various places in the body. It is formed in the body by bacteria in the intestinal microbiome or ingested with food, for example via hard cheese, fermented soy products or broccoli.

The properties of spermidine have been researched for many years. It is clear that the spermidine concentration decreases with age, which may be due to the then decreasing cell functions. It is particularly interesting to see how the absorption of spermidine affects so-called autophagy. This is a process in which damaged cells are broken down and “disposed of” by the body, which is an important process of cellular quality control. Spermidine plays an important role here.

In April, the Berlin Charité virologists published a report (1) stressing that spermidine was a possible target for combating SARS-CoV-2. In their findings, the new coronaviruses inhibit spermidine synthesis, resulting in a lower spermidine concentration. Autophagy is minimized as a cellular defense mechanism, showing a better reproduction of the virus.

In the course of these laboratory analyzes, when using Vero cells, it was found that the proliferation of the virus after an infection that had already occurred could be reduced by 85 percent by adding spermidine.

It also emerged that a previous incubation of cells with spermidine and subsequent infection with SARS-CoV-2 reduced the virus replication by 70 percent.

Whilst the likelihood of a corona infection could not be prevented by adding spermidine, it could still be reduced. However, since no studies have yet been carried out on humans, it cannot be estimated whether treatment with spermidine could be useful. This must be carefully examined in clinical studies with volunteers.

GALAB Laboratories offers a method for the detection of spermidine in different matrices. With the analysis of spermidine, GALAB provides an important tool for current research. Please feel free to contact us about our extensive analysis spectrum.