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PFOS and PFOA in Textiles, Sports Goods

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFC) are applied in numerous industrial processes, e.g. for textile and leather production because of their dirt and water resistant properties. PFCs are chemically and thermally stable and are therefore persistent in the environment. Residues of perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctane acid (PFOA) are the most common representatives of the group consisting of more than 800 compounds of perfluorinated tensides. PFOS and PFOA are repeatedly detected in consumer products.

The application of perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) in Europe was banned with regulation (EC) No. 850/2004 (Stockholm Convention) to protect consumers from persistent organic contaminants. For textiles a maximum residue limit of 1 µg/sqm is valid. PFOA was listed as substance of very high concern (SVHC) and included into the ECHA candidate list of the REACH regulation. As of june 2014 in Norway a maximum residue level of 1 µg/sqm is valid for PFOA to.

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