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New Maximum Limit in REACH Regulation

Carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) were determined in recent years in toys as well as in consumer goods. Consequently there is a regulation now for the European Union (EU) 1272/2013 based on a German initiative.

PAH are a group of substances that are proven to be hazardous for health. Numerous PAH compounds are considered carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR substances). According to regulation (EU) 1272/2013, there are maximum limits for PAH which shall apply from December 2015 for consumer goods and toys with components of plastic or rubber. For sports and household goods, tools, clothing and bracelets the maximum limit is 1 mg/kg and for toys 0.5 mg/kg.

This maximum limit applies to the following PAH
(according to annex XVII of REACH regulation No. 1907/2006):

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