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A couple of years ago, in 2010, we decided to establish a crucial analytical component for control of food quality and safety – our microbiology department.

Hardly any other contaminant has upset the stomach of so many people as much as the common bacterium. Right from the beginning, the microscopically small organisms have managed to draw human attention to themselves. Awareness of consumers concerning hygiene and spoilage is high; fear is instilled easily and leads to the desire for absolute sterility.

Let´s take a different approach: Microorganisms belong to our environment. Sometimes they are infectious, sometimes annoying, sometimes helpful… and sometimes they are simply present. A well developed and strict hygienic practice in food producing companies is the best base for the safety of consumers. We as an external laboratory wish to support you with this objective.

For our new and expanding department, the new building and relocation were just in time. We are now able to unfold in spacious, separate laboratories – shared with our molecular biology department.


But who are we and what do we do?
Irina and Gary are our support in preparing your samples for analysis. Apart from determining water activity, these two are experts for the control of samples like nuts or dried fruits for insect damage, foreign matter and further quality parameters. All food products arriving at our microbiology sample reception are assessed and evaluated critically.

Next stop – laboratory. Dedicated and with a soft spot for microorganisms, Elke, Ann-Kathrin, Ulrike and Stina analyse your samples. E.coli, salmonella, yeasts and moulds and so much more are determined. Our team spatulates, fortifies, counts, examines – in short, everything that constitutes microbiological analyses. On top of conventional cultural methods our molecular biological analyses cover a broad field of parameters. Pathogenic germs can be determined very sensitively and quickly.

New and already put to the acid test, is a system for quick and efficient quantification of selected germs. This system is called TEMPO® and lives up to its name. With excellent support of Biomérieux the validated methods are ready for routine analysis.

Do you miss anything? Right, our culture media. Specific culture media are the base for a correct analysis and play an important role for enrichment of germs.

Dorit supports our team in supplying and qualifying all necessary work materials. That way the lab team is able to concentrate on analytical questions.

In the end, the whole process comes together at Juliane. Juliane not only has a strict eye on the results. She enjoys research and has a strong interest in quality management.

And finally, for various queries I – Kirstin Umnus – am available for you.

All in all, we would like to support you in safety issues with our microbiological analysis.