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GALAB goes green

GALAB is Going Green to Avoid More Than 10 Tons of CO2 Annually

We are going green by avoiding paper versions of certificates. With your support we can avoid more than 10 tons of CO2 annually. With joint effort, we can actively contribute to protect our climate.

Regarding the overall balance, these energy savings begin with the manufacture of paper and continue with sourcing, printing and sending of post. Last but not least CO2 is also produced in connection with filing of documents, for example with air conditioning of an archive.

In comparison with printing and sending a certificate by post, electronic mail saves approximately 180g CO2 per certificateĀ¹.

As of 1st of February 2013, we are going to send our certificates by e-mail and will supply paper certificates only on request. Our electronic certificates meet all requirements of our accreditation according to ISO 17025. In case you need printed versions of certificates please contact our customer support! Please note the modification of our GTC regarding electronic report dispatch.

Naturally we are not going to stop here but keep on improving our CO2 balance. By introducing an electronic file management system we will be able to save a couple more tons of CO2 in the future. As of 2013 we are proud to offer e-invoicing, for more details please contact us.

Thank you for your support.

1: Assessing the carbon footprint of paper vs. electronic invoicing; M. Tenhunen et al., Brisbane 2010